Sackman NJ brings their properties into the 21st century while maintaining each building’s cultural integrity.

Sackman NJ is drawn to certain locations for their diverse cultures, rich historical backgrounds, and recent boosts in redevelopment.

Sackman NJ revitalizes properties and develops them into integral parts of the community.

Fully restored, 550 Cookman Avenue now holds eight storefronts and 31 residential units.

Sackman Enterprises owns commercial and residential real estate throughout New York and New Jersey, as well as in North and South Carolina, Colorado, Texas, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. With the aim of maintaining and restoring the cultural and historical integrity of their properties and the surrounding communities, Sackman Enterprises places additional attentions on incorporating eco-friendly concepts during apartment and storefront renovations. Understanding the importance of reflecting the unique personalities of their properties’ locations, Sackman Enterprises specifically invests in and revitalizes real estate that will bolster the area’s local businesses, people, culture, and history. From residential rentals to commercial units, Sackman Enterprises continues to use the same business model upon which the family-run company was founded over three decades ago, building trust and integrity with every new endeavor.